Welcome to my fledgling site. Currently there is some low quality blogging going on. I am not entirely sure where this is even going to lead but I want somewhere to track my latest attempts at ,well, doing things. Something I have been fairly remiss at doing the past few years. Oh I'm a coder so when I say make things I don't really mean real things - Just long numbers.

So I don't really have a plan, that means it is hard to write an about page. Now I am wondering why I even need an about page or whether anyone ever reads them. Well I do but apart from me.

Blogging is not cool, popular or trendy anymore. That's ok as I am none of them. I don't actually require readers for this to benefit me, blogging does these things:

So no readers required, although it would be nice.

Over the years I have had a few blogs and some even started to get readers (nothing major) but I always tend to drift away from them. If you are reading this 10 years from now and there have not been any updates for a while then sorry it seems to have happened again.

I am not a great writter, if that's not already apparent it will be soon. :)

Who am I? Well for now lets just say I am a random coder writing a weblog!

Updated 3-March-2022