2500 pages
06 November 2022

Yay it is another one of those update posts. Well sort of.

First up, I had a weird but in PopOs where Bluetooth refused to work. At one point I thought my Bluetooth card had broken in some way. Finally I decided to boot into my small windows partition and check from there. I have it around for the Roblox Editor as I learnt a bit when my children where learning it.

Bluetooth is working there, so it was now possible to blame PopOs. Here is the thing, rebooting into PopOS and it was working again. So if you have a problem with Linux, reboot into your Windows partition and then back to Linux to see if that fixes it :)

Hardware wise I have been messing around with getting an old laptop working with Xubuntu, I gave my better laptop away to someone in more need than me. The old laptop has not seen much use and really it will be used for basic browsing and probably small python scripts.

Ubuntu seems to be work well and is light enough that is seems like a nice fit of the laptop. Battery life seems to be better than when it had Windows on it.

I did a quick tally of how many pages of text books I have gotten through this year. It currently stands at just over 2500 pages. Including most of a big Haskell book, A Python orientated Mechanical Engineering book and the Rust Book. I am also on my 5th book of fiction which is a bit of a record for me in recent years. This year has been a good year for reading.

With text books I tend to do nearly every question as well. Making it quite an endeavour.

I guess I have not released any code of significance. Probably something I need to address in 2023. I am laying some ground work stuff for that while being well aware usually when I attempt this I fail.

I will spare you non tech life updates just this once as really I just wanted to record the page count of text books read this year (so far).