First Post
09 December 2020

First posts are always difficult, what do you write?


I am trying to be a little more specific with what I do. While "not all those that wonder are lost" it does not mean they are productive. Oh dear god not another website/blog about productivity!

No it's not going to be one of those. Productive here means personally productive not helping others to be productive. Not that helping others to be productive is a bad thing just I don't want to tackle it here.

So for me, being productive means learning new things and producing things (software). This blog is to track, motivate and sometimes be the conclusion of tasks I set myself to do.

So err what will be on this site?

Well that is the thing, I am not quite sure where to go at the moment. I am sure I will figure it soon.

My main skills are coding in C++ but honestly happy in many others. Currently I have the urge to use something that other than C++ to get slightly faster iterations, although that could be primarily driven by the huge pile of technical books I have to tackle, ones where code should be written for understanding.

I have an interest in programming language, game dev and a number of other things.

Err, so the short answer if I don't really know.

How the site is built

Getting this out of the way now so I am not tempted to used it as filler content in the future. It is never an interesting read to anyone other than the author so lets exorcise that demon now.

I rolled my own small static site generated. It consists of one shell script and one python script. The shell script does the work of converting markdown files to HTML via pandoc while the python script generated the list of blog posts and the rss feed. It is horrible code but it works.

Yes I could have used a static site generator such as Hugo or 11ty but really as I just wanted to scratch the itch of writing my own minimal one. I would have probably spent a similar amount to time learning either one of those so I don't consider it time wasted. Rather now I don't get static site generator envy and want to move to the latest popular one.

One currently limitation is I don't support math, not sure if that will be a big deal.

The Breakfast Post.

While this site is meant to be technical my life will bleed into the content. No not literally, I am not writing the first draft of these posts in my own blood!

I am however very aware it is possible for standards to slip and every post become a what I have been up to without carrying a meaningful conclusion. I will try to contain those to at most once a month. Really I want to convey some information in each post.

The Rest.

In summary my aim to only write posts that contain meaningful content with the occasional life updates. The exact content is a To be decided situation as I am not 100% sure where my interests will take me.

Given it is near the end of the year it is probably a good time to have a long think about that.