It's The Landing, Not The Fall
03 May 2024

They say it is not the fall that hurts but the landing. That's true of bouldering where I manage to fall off the wall, mess up going into a roll as I landed, resulting in my calf getting very bruised and leavering my knee around a bit. It’s going to be a few weeks before it repairs and probably a month or two before it is back up to full strength. Going a little stir crazy due to the lack of exercise while I wait.

And onto tech.

This YouTube video shows being able to manipulate bits is still relevant. I am often faced with questions like why would we want to do bit manipulation these days, it is not the 90s and computers are really fast. They are fast, particularly if you can reformulate your problem into bit manipulation.

Rust again this time someone saying Rust doesn’t really fit the fast iterations required to develop a good game. They also make comments on the culture in Rust being a cargo cult. My interpretation of their words, definitely read the article particularly as it contains a couple of youtube videos that got added to my watch later list.

Rust has so far shown itself to be quite good in well understood problem spaces. Rewrites in Rust are often an improvement.

It's more of a struggle to find good examples where it has excelled when the requirement is fast iterations often required for exploratory programing. Game play development being a great example.

I would agree with the author warning about the culture in Rust may unwittingly being a negative that makes them blind to criticism. I am not following rust close enough to know for sure.

With time freed from not exercising I have started to play with SDL3. Nothing major yet just some shapes on the screen but it does feel nice. Nothing is getting in my way. Only being at a few 100 lines of code I am a little bit away from when complexity starts to slow down development. Fun and lets me spend my healing time productively.