JavaGaming org shutting down
18 January 2023

After talking about Wireframe stopping its print publications it was also sad to notice that has decided to move the forum over to read only. I suspect a precursor to eventually disappearing from the internet. JVMGaming was previously known have A old school forum.

It looks like I originally registered at the site in 2007 although I was there from it's start so perhaps I had a different account if the site predates that time. I am not exactly sure on the history but is was from a time when, Sun, the owners of Java decided to have a small push on getting people to code games in Java, or perhaps it was just in individual in the company that got the go ahead. Eventually I think people on the site ended up running and covering the costs.

This came into it's element when android started to be a thing but JVMGaming eventually started to die out when people just started to move away from forums and prefer things like Discord.

It doesn't make too much sense to move from a more community owned forum to a large company who over the long term could act in ways that are not inline with you plans/thoughs/ideals but it seems people sure do like making testing that idea time and time again. Not that I think Discord is particularly bad and don't mind using it but it is quite different to an internet forum that is less real time and supports longer form.

Even though I was registered for a long time ago I rarely posted. Given the lack of activity is cited as the reason for more the site to read only in some ways I shoulder some of the responsibility for its demise. Having moved away from the Java as a game development language is one of the reasons.

While I didn't post regularly I did enjoy the experience of the 4K applets when applets where a thing and learnt a fair deal from the conversations going on there. The creator of minecraft used to hang there before he was big as did a number of full and part time indie developers. At some point in its history it great feel being on that forum.

I do wonder if there are many game dev internet forums are left that hit the spot of not being engine focused hit the mid ground where reading the posts is manageable.

I will raise my glass to JVMGamaing, thanks for all the great memories and I hope it stays up in it static form for a long time.