Update - Late November 2021
29 November 2021

Well the good news is the pressure at work seems to be easing and I am starting to feel a little bit more human. Now I just have to reduce my coffee habit as it seems to have increased somewhat.

It also looks like I have a reasonable amount of holiday/vacation that I need to take. My Christmas break will be starting in a couple of weeks. I would like to spend some time walking in the local hills/mountains and of course do some coding!

I pushed another update for Noon my personal, minimal, test framework. Please don't use it but take a look and get ideas, it's not much code.

This release:

To put Noon through it's paces I started to write a JSON parser. The world needs another JSON parser like the world needs another C++ test framework. It is a personal project that I don't plan to release publicly. It gives me something to test Noon on and maybe write a custom allocator and experiment with a few other things.

I also get to practice my API design skills.

SDL 2.18 looks like it is going to be release soon.

Personally this is a big one. They are finally adding a function to draw triangles. Well arrays of them and it looks like you can set the colour and texture co-ordinates. At a quick glance this looks like a general purpose 2D API.

This means I may be able to create a 2D rendering library using only a very small number of SDL functions. This is great! Although I have not tried it out so it may not work how I think it will work.

A programmer who works on SDL also got an Epic grant to create a portable 3D wrapper over all the different lower level 3D apis (Vulkan, Metal, DirectX, webGPU?). This also excites me somewhat. I keep meaning to learn one of the modern 3D apis but never quite have the motivation to stick at it. A minimal one that can target them all would be awesome.

I continue to learn a bit of Haskell. Weirdly I alternate between learning a bit of Haskell and playing the Witcher 3 as a start of the evening experience. I suspect I will finish the Haskell book before I finish the Witcher.

I think that catches all the snippets of the past month that are worth mentioning.