Log - 21 Oct 2023
20 October 2023

Well it has been a while. I got distracted with life and code.

Life being doing a lot of yoga and we have taken up indoor bouldering, these compliment each other quite well. Both encourage having a very strong core. It does mean I have not found so much time for running, I am still very keen on surfing even if it is mostly me falling off my board. The down side is the waves have not been great this year.

In terms of health I have also reduced my coffee in take to maybe one cup a day and continue to get up at 5am. I have also starting writing a small diary like thing in the morning. Usually only a few lines and never anything ground breaking but I seem to enjoy it.

All these activities have combined together to make me way more chilled and able to focus on things really well. Also realise when not to focus on things and take some time off, if that makes sense.

The lack of posts has nothing to do with all these changes. It is I have been spending some time with my children messing around with Roblox development. The goal for me is not to create anything great just immerse myself in a world they clearly enjoy.

The downside is I reinstalled windows on my desktop. After a bit of duel booting I eventually wiped my Linux partition as I just wasn't using it. By the time I thought about what OS to boot it was already booting Windows. I didn't do much geeky stuff meaning nothing to write.

Eventually I decided to purchase of a Beelink series 5 (AMD - 16Gb) in an attempt to solve this. It seems like a great little computer that has enough power to not feel restricted. It is mostly silent in operation and is going to be my Linux work horse for the next year.

I am not sure how well it will play games but that's not really the point of it. I am still in the setting up stages but who knows I might actually get round to writing a few more blog posts.