Log for Jan 11 2022
11 January 2022

Tonight I think I managed to get the full text of each post into the RSS feed. I hope it works. It seems to be working for elfeed (RSS reader for emacs) and that is currently good enough for me.

While I have flipped around on using Emacs I have found Elfeed to be one of the best RSS readers I know. It actually pulled me back into using emacs as I just could not find a good reader. Obviously OrgMode was another factor in Emacs taking over as my primary app. Finally with doom emacs and mostly working LSP set up I left CLion and started coding C++/C/Rust in emacs.

Doom Emacs has pretty much enabled me to do almost all of my coding in Emacs.

Clion still stands out as the best editor C/C++ editor I have used. I guess the fact Clion starting to take over 30 seconds to load on the Linux desktop contributed to the maybe I will try Doom emacs. Clion is awesome and I really didn't mind giving them money for their product.

Emacs also had a slightly better fingers don't leave the keyboard situation. Only just.

Clion has an integrated debugger that is pretty good although these days I tend to use the one in VSCode as it load significantly faster.

I am pretty pragmatic on all this. For instance I am not checking my emails or Twitter feeds in emacs. Having said that after my recent fun with elisp I am probably more interested in doing so.

The Log title is meant for what I get up to over one day of doing things. I don't plan on doing them every day. So don't worry.

I spent a bit more time with Zig, Just writing a lexer. So far quite enjoy feel of it. C with lots of fixes/improvements. My code looks much cleaner than the mess I would make with Rust when I first attempted writing a lexer.

Intermittent Fasting is going quite well I seemed to have settled into a pattern of skipping breakfast and getting about 17 hours without food with relative ease. Weekends are a bit different but if I manage 5 or 6 days than I am pretty good. At some point I will increase the hours up by a few.

This week I am massively reducing the amount of wheat I eat. I am down by about 99%. Again I will probably lapse at weekends but at a significantly reduced amounts. The plan is to hold at this level for the next week or so. After that it time to tackle the difficult one, fixing sleep...