Log - Math support!
12 January 2022

Feeling a little tired tonight so won't be doing much. I really wanted to get the final alteration to the web site done. That is support math equations.

Of course I won't be using them that much and it may turn out to be something that was worth doing just so I don't think about it anymore. Rather than acutally using it a lot.

Here an equation I once spent time with. A lot of time with! \[ - \frac{{\hbar ^2 }}{{2m}}\frac{{d^2 \psi (x)}}{{dx^2 }} + U(x)\psi (x) = E\psi (x)\]

It is using MathJax to render and is pulling mathjax from a cdn. Hopefully it won't slow down the site too much.

Alterations to the site builder scripts consisted of updating one line. I use pandoc to convert markdown to HTML and that has an option for working with mathjax. So it literally too all of 5 minutes to add math to my site.

I do have a significant number of math books to work through over the next year or two, so perhaps this feature will encourage me to write more on that topic.

I am probably going to spend the rest of the evening playing with some Zig code but wanted to post this early so I am not editing when really tired.

mmm, putting the date in the title is quite redundant.