Log - System, System and Systems
19 January 2022

Progress through the year continues and with time comes reporting on how it was spent.

I still feel like I am only just getting going in the year. I hope I don't feel that way in March.


I have been struggling a bit with coding. Well deciding what to do and the conflict between doing longer projects, self learning and fun little projects.

So when in doubt find someone with a working solution that didn't work for you in the past. Lisperati is just the one I am thinking of. I tried in the past and utterly failed at using it. So that seems like a good one to use again!

OK I suspect it was my mind set at the time. More push forward and make great progress on one project to the detriment of all others. This lead to me focusing on the bits I found easy and ignoring where I had to do some difficult learning. I am trying a more holistic approach this year.

It is pretty much GTD with alterations for creative people. I don't consider myself creative but I have a wide range of projects I would like to work on and figured that patterned matched to the general idea.

Having four projects on the go is usually too many for me. But I will try to roll with it for a while before doing too many modifications. Some projects may be concurrent but feed into each other. Writing down a list of projects made me realise over half of them are learning ones. So err I had better get on with them.


I am not ill just making lifestyle changes to improve, well that is what middle age people do - I guess.

Intermittent fasting has been been remarkably easy. Usually 17 hours fasting each work day. Weekends sometime the gap is a bit shorter, although last Sunday it ended up being about 20 hours as I forgot to eat before going out.

A very large reduction in wheat consumption has also happened with relative ease. Note I am at most mildly intolerant (if that). Wheat has been targeted as it is mostly empty calories and I have the desire to loose some weight. I was definitely eating a lot of it.

Combined these two changes seem to be having an effect. At least on weight. It is a bit too early to be certain but the weight measurements are trending downward. The concern here is I have cut back on exercise so it may be muscle mass that is being lost.

The next goal is to get a handle on my sleep. I have shifted coffee to the morning even though I have not had trouble getting to sleep, I struggle to get myself to go to bed. I not having 1am sessions during the week anymore meaning the boat is turning, if slowly. I knew sleep was going to be the hard one.

And that ends another hastily written post about nothing in particular.

Until next time.