Log - Longer Fasts.
08 March 2022


I continue to learn Haskell. Just about reached Monads in the book. It is a big chapter and I suspect this chapter might have to be read twice. It is quite long so perhaps the ideas will be cemented into my brain once I have done all the questions.

I have almost decided for sure the I won't continue to code using Haskell once I finish the book. It has hints of being a distraction languages and doesn't easily target platforms I want. That's not a big deal I decide to learn Haskell to learn new ideas and it is definitely providing them.

My other major time sink (I was burning out on Haskell so had to cut back) is I am currently working my way through a udemy course on Gimp. Yep another run at learning to draw. I picked gimp as it is quite stable and it scales across styles. I could have chosen Krita but it just looks a level or two more complicated than what I want at the moment.

I wanted to avoid learning to draw and learning the application at the same time. Learn the tool first, I am not sure that would have worked with Krita.

Finally I am messing around with a minimal 2D engine build on top of SDL2. Really this is just to blow of steam and not much time is being spent on it. I may attempt to refine it to a minimal useful interface at some point but for now it is just being put together without much consistency. I would hope it never grows beyond a 5K lines of code.


Past couple of weeks I have been trying to develop the habit of doing some Yoga nearly every morning. It hasn't stuck if I am honest. I think I will call it a fail, put it on the list of try again ideas and move on.

I did however manage to do a couple of 24 hours fasts. I am quite happy about this as it means my body has adapted well to the changes I have been making. I could have gone longer but I enjoy meals with the family. I think I will pepper in 24 hours fasts rather than having a rigid system of once a week. The nice thing here is the first fast just happened naturally without much hassle, I just decided to do it without planning and it went with ease.

Weight has continued to track downward. Not an outright goal of these changes but a nice side effect. I am not hitting the weight where I decided I would start to run again. Although I would prefer to be constantly under the weight rather than jump around on the cusp of it.

So I am leaving running for another week or two. Instead I am going lower my internet usage for a week or so. Not 100%, work related usage, family/friend communications and factual look ups related to something I am working remain but keeping up with news and YouTube are out. Initially a week but I may extend this if it turns out to be useful. I will probably have more to say on this as it is currently looking like a good idea.