Wireframe is ending its print version
16 January 2023

Wireframe, a UK game/game development magazine, announced that this month would be it's last printed issue.

You might being thinking what a printed magazine in this century and yep they are pretty rare these days. It was published by RaspberryPi Press so I am not sure how much business realities affected them. I guess enough for them to close it down. They plan to continue some sort of web presence but we all know how most of those end.

Wireframe channelled the zeitgeist of the late eighties and early nineties just with less of the juvenile humour that I probably enjoyed at the time but wouldn't enjoy so much now. That is it wasn't too specialised and covered game review, game development and game design. I would skip a few of the articles but there was always something interesting in there often approaching things from a different angle. Plus it kept me up to date on games releases.

You could always get the free PDF version but I subscribed to the printed version. Perhaps a midlife crisis pining for day gone by or just it was more accessible when I sat outside in the sun relaxing with cup of of coffee.

I am not really sure it was aimed at my demographic but it helped to keep my interest in game development when perhaps it would have faded and I expected it to be a companion in my coming attempts at writing a game over the next few months.

The art work was always nice.

So after reading 65 issues (70 in total published) it is sad to see it pass and I am not sure there is a good replacement for it. Having said that I never expected to be writing a blog post about a print magazine stopping at the start of 2023.

There final issue probably won't stand out in my memory like the last edition of CU Amiga. I dare not stay on that site for more than a few seconds otherwise my whole evening will be gone.